E-Blast Content
During Covid-19

In developing a client communications strategy during the coronavirus pandemic, the key challenge for most firms is how to communicate that you are caring, empathetic and ready to help vs. appearing that you are greedy and wanting to take advantage of others in a very trying time.   On the other hand, is it even worse [...]

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During Covid-19

Guidelines for COVID-19
Client Communications

The coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak has been a rapidly evolving issue for the economy, as businesses across the country have been temporarily closing.  Depending on location, some law firms are closing offices and asking employees to work remotely.  Some courts have closed, while others have curtailed caseloads and services. The Covid-19 Virus is Highly Unusual – [...]

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Client Communications

Preparing for Marketing Success
in 2020

Six Key Steps   Managing your firm is always a challenging task.  Whether your most pressing issues are personnel, work-in-process, client concerns, vendor relations, or finances, it seems like there is always something that keeps your schedule full, right?  With all of these consuming functional areas of your day-to-day work, marketing can often be set [...]

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in 2020

Social Media

Service Profile of the Month     Social media has become a necessity in online marketing for most firms. Whether your firm has ever used social media or you are looking to make full use of the platforms you already have, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing provides expertise in strategically planning your social media campaign [...]

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Speaking Engagements

Does your organization need a speaker for an event in 2020? If so, contact us for a "Speaker Package" to see if Mr. Brown is available. Topics include: CLE Presentations on Ethics Marketing Strategy Internet/Digital Marketing Business Development Branding Advertising, Publicity and Public Relations

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Advertising Campaign

Service Profile of the Month     Is your firm planning for advertising costs in 2020?  Advertising can be one of the most expensive marketing techniques, so it is important to not just have effectively-designed and written ads but also a sound strategy and an effectively-executed campaign. Crucially, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing helps you [...]

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How to Select a
Marketing Consultant

Key Questions for Screening   For years, law firms have utilized outside marketing consultants to assist in their marketing efforts.  Many of these consultants have performed exceptionally and added tremendous value to their clients’ marketing efforts.  However, some of these consultants have not performed as well, leaving an unfavorable impression for any future consultants.  Why [...]

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Branding & Positioning

Service Profile of the Month   Do you have trouble setting your firm apart from the crowd?  A key reason for your problems may be Branding and Positioning! Branding is everything your firm does to communicate its brand in the marketplace.  Rebranding is a marketing strategy with specific tools to develop a new, differentiated identity for your [...]

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Are E-Newsletters a Valuable Tool
to Attract New Clients?

7 Key Factors   Many law firms publish e-newsletters and e-blasts, distributing them to a network of clients, prospects, referral sources, etc.  You might wonder whether it is worthwhile for you to do so as well.  Here are seven key factors to consider in developing a newsletter: Make it part of your firm’s overall marketing [...]

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to Attract New Clients?