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Finally, a marketing firm that understands attorneys!

We understand how to market law firms, from the smallest to the largest firms, as few others do!
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Part-Time Director of Marketing™

On a monthly retainer contract (non-employee) basis, we provide hands-on management and implementation of your marketing objec­tives, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. This is as an alternative or supplement to an internal marketing depart­ment.

Marketing Planning & Analysis

Through our unique process, clients are able to be improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, while appropriately managing the use of human and financial resources.   Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder.

Business Development

Firm-wide or practice group training, personal coaching, partner retreats, business development meetings, tracking systems, and more!  We help to equip your attorneys for success in business development.

Digital Marketing

Are your internet marketing efforts a disjointed mess?  If so, our affiliate company Exemplar Digital Marketing offers a solution to your dilemma: Integrated Internet Marketing.  Our goal is to bring all of your internet marketing efforts together into a combined, effective and cohesive campaign!

Branding & Positioning

Whether you need effective text written, strategic guidance on how to differentiate your firm, or an eye-catching logo, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing™ provides the full range of capabilities that you need.

Advertising & Marketing Materials

We help with strategy, copywriting, graphic design and all aspects of production.  Our goal is to create awesome and effective materials, while making the process easy for you!

Publicity & Public Relations

Is it important for the business community in your area to be familiar with your firm and its capabilities?  Do you face an image problem that needs to be corrected? Do you want to be perceived as an expert in your field?

The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing™, founded 1991, has served law firms of all sizes across the country.  We offer capabilities and credentials unsurpassed by few if any competitors across the country!

The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing™ is known for our Part-Time Director of Marketing™ service, great strategic guidance, and superior implementation of full-service marketing concepts.

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