Cutting-Edge Techniques for
The New Era of Digital Marketing

Part I: The critical role of "Integrated Internet Marketing"   by Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. {Note: Adapted and reprinted with permission from the author's article in "Orange County Lawyer" magazine, as published by the Orange County Bar Association.  This will be published as a 3-part article in this newsletter} A major impact of the COVID-19 [...]

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The New Era of Digital Marketing

Strategic Marketing Planning:

What you need to know for 2021   "Uncertainty" has been a keyword for 2020 - yet how certain is 2021? Marketing planning has likely never been needed more for your firm than it is now! When the economy is roaring, it can seem that planning is easy. But when times are tough and uncertain, [...]

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Strategic Planning for Success
in 2nd Half of 2020

-- Weekly Marketing Resources during COVID-19 -- As we navigate the COVID-19 environment, your marketing activities need to adapt.  It is crucial to have a clear perspective on the future, identifying specific strategies and action steps that your firm can undertake to be successful. Below are some key marketing resources to help your firm … [...]

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Coping with Adversity:
Leadership Concepts During COVID-19

During a recent consultation, a client asked how I was handling all of the COVID-19 crisis issues.  My response was “I’m doing great but as I say it, I realize that I don’t want to come across as being insensitive or insincere. I fully realize the tremendous financial pressures and health care concerns that our [...]

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Leadership Concepts During COVID-19

Community Relations:
How to Help During COVID-19

The phrase "We can all get through this by working together" is now commonly heard throughout society at large.  Your firm is certainly doing everything it can to take care of employees and clients.  And you are personally looking after your family and loved ones.  The next phase is getting involved to help others. If [...]

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How to Help During COVID-19

E-Blast Content
During Covid-19

In developing a client communications strategy during the coronavirus pandemic, the key challenge for most firms is how to communicate that you are caring, empathetic and ready to help vs. appearing that you are greedy and wanting to take advantage of others in a very trying time.   On the other hand, is it even worse [...]

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During Covid-19

Guidelines for COVID-19
Client Communications

The coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak has been a rapidly evolving issue for the economy, as businesses across the country have been temporarily closing.  Depending on location, some law firms are closing offices and asking employees to work remotely.  Some courts have closed, while others have curtailed caseloads and services. The Covid-19 Virus is Highly Unusual – [...]

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Client Communications

Preparing for Marketing Success
in 2020

Six Key Steps   Managing your firm is always a challenging task.  Whether your most pressing issues are personnel, work-in-process, client concerns, vendor relations, or finances, it seems like there is always something that keeps your schedule full, right?  With all of these consuming functional areas of your day-to-day work, marketing can often be set [...]

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in 2020

Social Media

Service Profile of the Month     Social media has become a necessity in online marketing for most firms. Whether your firm has ever used social media or you are looking to make full use of the platforms you already have, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing provides expertise in strategically planning your social media campaign [...]

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