ANNOUNCEMENT: Same services | Same team | New name is now … Our new name represents what we’ve done since 1991, specializing in providing full-service marketing support for law firms. We serve law firms of all sizes across the country. As strategic marketing experts, The Specialists in Law Firm [...]

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Our Services

The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing, founded 1991, provides full-service marketing support for law firms.  We serve law firms of all sizes across the country.  As strategic marketing experts, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing offers an unmatched ability to blend strategy with the selection of marketing tools.   Your marketing dollars can be spent wisely and aimed at [...]

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The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing supports the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing is proud to support the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Orange County. We recently attended and donated to the 6th Annual Bocce Invitational held at IL Fornaio restaurant in Irvine, which was attended by approximately 175 Orange County business leaders and raised thousands of dollars for the organization.

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Developing a Long-Term Internet Strategy

Internet technology seems to change so quickly -- but is that your excuse for only focusing on tactics in your internet marketing?   What is your long-term strategy?   Reality check: Are your internet marketing efforts a disjointed mess?  If you’re honest and the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone.  That’s the way it is with [...]

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Speech “How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing”

Exemplar founder Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. recently did a speech on "How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing." Topics included: I. Your Situation Analysis II. Typical Misconceptions III. The Critical Role of Strategic Planning IV. Integrated Internet Marketing A. How it works B. Specific tools C. How to track results V. Outsourcing Tips If you'd like [...]

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How to OPTIMIZE Your Internet Marketing

Websites, Social Media, E-communication, SEO -- and more! Does this describe your business' online marketing program?  You have a website – but it likely lacks current information and needs updates.  If you have social media platforms, you find them difficult to maintain and don't know if they work.  You may have signed up for various [...]

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Sample Email

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