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Social Media

Social media has become a necessity in online marketing for most firms. Whether your firm has ever used social media or you are looking to make full use of the platforms you already have, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing provides expertise in strategically planning your social media campaign and knowing just what to do for your needs.

Strategic Guidance

It is relatively easy to be “busy” in social media — but much more difficult to be productive. This is where strategic planning is crucial.  Our approach is that strategy is essential to success in social media marketing. The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing can help clients with:

  • Developing goals
  • Evaluating target markets and developing contacts
  • Positioning products or services
  • Building brand awareness and positive perceptions
  • Selection of the correct social media platforms
  • Creating a comprehensive campaign to consistently reach your audience
  • Developing metrics to track results

Consistent Implementation

Your firm cannot just create social media accounts and expect returns. The key is to be active posting relevant content throughout the year, which will help contacts become more aware of your brand. This in turn can create potential clients who can easily share your firm with others. The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing‘s process includes:

  • Plan/calendarize for regular posts
  • Draft text content that is customizable to each platform as needed
  • Create/procure graphic imagery as needed per various platforms
  • Handle all details of posts
  • Interactivity: Liking, commenting and sharing.
  • Tools to drive traffic back to your website and boost your search rankings in Google

Need Assistance?
With over 25 years of experience serving hundreds of firms, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing has the expertise that your firm needs. Click here to learn more about our social media services.  Contact us to discuss your needs and for an estimate.