Six Key Steps

Marketing Success

Managing your firm is always a challenging task.  Whether your most pressing issues are personnel, work-in-process, client concerns, vendor relations, or finances, it seems like there is always something that keeps your schedule full, right?  With all of these consuming functional areas of your day-to-day work, marketing can often be set aside until you “have some time to do it” which often is far too little time needed to do it right.

Neglecting marketing can dramatically affect your firm’s revenues.  Recently, I met with a client who confessed that the above scenario was directly on-point to his firm’s situation.  The firm had been very busy for months but failed to do any marketing.  As a result, revenues had not only flat-lined but unless something changed quickly, he was going to face financial cutbacks.

Likely you’ve heard the same story from your colleagues, some of whom had to “close shop” or join another firm in order to survive.  You know that you need to avoid this scenario but aren’t sure exactly what to do to stay out of it. So, what marketing steps can your firm do to help make it a success?