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Strategic Planning for 2019

As we wrap up 2018, we look back at a year that economically had a turbulent stock market, strong growth in certain industries and geographic regions, and low unemployment. Some firms were wildly successful, while others had disappointing results. Whether your firm had a great year or not, every firm wants even more success in 2019.

In this SPECIAL ISSUE, we focus on Strategic Planning for 2019:


Strategic Marketing Plans: Preparing Your Firm for Success

Without a detailed marketing strategy it is highly unlikely that your firm will achieve its goals. Establishing a Strategic Marketing Plan gives you the foundation that is needed to guide your decisions. It provides a "big picture" perspective of how all the individual activities are coordinated to achieve the desired result. Combined with your drive, desire and core competencies, you will now be in a much stronger position for success. (READ ARTICLE)


Establishing A Marketing Budget

A budget can be an important tool in tracking marketing efforts to determine their effectiveness. It helps partners/shareholders to understand the crucial role of marketing in the firm's overall performance. It acts as a gauge to test the firm's level of commitment to marketing. It also allows the controller/administrator to manage spending on client relations and community involvement. Sounds like a useful tool, right? So how do you develop a marketing budget? (READ ARTICLE)


Your Firm's Marketing Department - Inside, Outside or Both?

As you plan for the success of your marketing efforts, the selection of qualified personnel is obviously critical. A marketing department for a small to mid-sized firm can take many shapes. Here are some options. (READ ARTICLE)

Specialists in Law Firm Marketing
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