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The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing
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Ready to Launch a New Firm?


We were recently hired by a newly-forming firm consisting of several attorneys who were joining together from various firms. Of course, they had developed concepts of what services would be offered and what their firm culture would be like but they needed our help in all aspects of marketing the firm. They wanted it professionally-managed from the beginning, since they realized that it needed to be done right or else their image could be damaged.

Key Marketing Steps

The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing developed their branding program, which emphasized the firm's key strengths and unique characteristics that would help it stand out in the market. A professional, striking logo was developed, along with stationery materials.

We built their website in all respects, including writing the content, designing the site, launching it and promoting it to search engines. The firm also wanted a series of brochures in print and e-formats, which we created along with cover letters to send to their contacts. We also built LinkedIn and Facebook pages. With the above steps completed as a foundation, we then designed and wrote a compelling announcement e-blast aimed at drawing interaction on social media and the website.

The firm's launch was planned well in advance for PR and publicity purposes, to take maximum advantage of the opportunity. The announcement was sent to a database of contacts that we helped develop from the client's many different sources (Outlook, phones, etc.). Our media contacts picked up the news, which was publicized across numerous channels.

The firm has continued pressing onward with their marketing, as The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing is helping on a regular basis as the "Part-Time Director of Marketing" (outsourced marketing department) with news releases, speeches, website/social media posts, newsletters, prospecting and many other tools. The results have far exceeded expectations.

If you know of a firm that is launching (or needs a revamp of its current brand), send them to The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing.

Is it Time to Overhaul/Upgrade
Your Website?


Once a year, every firm should review their website, sometimes with outside assistance, to make sure that it is up-to-date in content and design. Have you done so lately?

Do you know that your website reflects directly on your firm's professionalism and service quality? It must be up to contemporary standards. If your website looks technologically outdated, your prospects can infer that your firm's services are the same.

Is your website current or does it look stale and outdated? Does it work on cell phones, IPads and other mobile devices? Do the graphics, and content, make your firm stand out for its uniqueness?

Recent Engagements

Recently a new client contacted us because they were concerned that their website was so out-of-date. The client asked The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing to replace their existing site with an entirely new design — and wanted us to write the entire content. We also built LinkedIn and Facebook pages and developed their social media program.

About the same time, another client asked us to review and update their website. The navigation was outdated, it didn't work well on mobile devices, and the content needed to be revised to reflect the firm's current branding. The firm was undergoing some internal issues and wouldn't be ready for a completely new website for several months but didn't want to wait to make the changes. In this case, we were able to use the current design and improve on it. In 2019, the client will contact The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing to prepare a new design.

Key Design Factors

At The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing, we focus on developing websites that are visually attractive, rich in useful and interesting content, designed with logical navigation, and built around fundamental marketing concepts. Our assistance includes site design, text writing, graphic design, marketing strategy, and integration with other marketing programs, such as social media. Learn more about how we can help you! Contact The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing if you'd like an estimate for your website development project.

Speaking Engagements


A clear, dynamic, and diplomatic speaker, The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing's founder Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. regularly speaks on various marketing and business development topics to law firms and organizations, including Bar Associations, Association of Legal Administrators chapters, and legal marketing groups. He has been invited to speak at national conferences in locations such as Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The Orange County Bar Association recently asked Kevin to speak on the topic of "Branding & Marketing Your Law Firm" at the Solo Practitioner/Small Firm section meeting. Contact us for the speech Powerpoint.

If you are interested in Kevin speaking at your organization, please contact us.

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